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Crystal Information

Metaphysical Meanings of Stones


The information about the properties of the stones is for educational purposes only. This information does not imply a guarantee of effect and is not intended to replace the diagnosis of a certified physician.  Please use this information responsibly and spiritually.




Aegirine:  a silicate mineral

            Helps to remove negative or stuck energies; revitalizes energy; encourages self    acceptance, self esteem and self reliance. Cleanses & stimulates the lymphatic system and helps remove emotional blockages.


Actinolite:  amphibole silicate mineral

            A shielding crystal – heals the subtle energy body, filling in gaps that result in psychic attack, illness, stress & negativity.  Increases self-esteem by getting rid of negative feelings. Become more in tune with nature; our surroundings; and  to connect with spirit guides. For stress reduction and aiding in proper liver & kidney functions and strengthening the immune system.


Agates:  a form of Chalcedony (silicon dioxide)

            Black:  Grounding; protective; calms during bereavement & stressful households.   Helps alleviate problems of the bones & joints and pain of the neck or shoulder.

            Blue Lace:  Communication; clarity; confidence; calming & peaceful. Eye  infections, ears/nose/throat, swollen glands, colic, asthma, aches, bursitis,  bruises, and dental pain & problems.

            Dendritic:  Growth; change; and wisdom through inner work. Assists with connection to nature and for emotional balance.

            Fire (contains limonite and/or iron for flash):  A very protective stone with a deep calming energy that brings security and safety.  Can give you courage and  strengthen your will power.  Aids in increasing blood circulation & metabolic rate; reduces fevers and hot flashes, enhances night vision, and assists with healing the stomach and nervous & endocrine systems.              

            Moss: The most powerful of the agates – promotes stability, persistence & grounding. An abundance stone that is great for gardens to promote growth. Helps relieve symptoms of bacterial & viral infections; chest & lungs; blood & lymph circulation; and dehydration.           

            Third Eye (Botswana):  Wards off the evil eye – protects sensitive people from being hurt. Self-satisfaction. Enhances sexual energy by increasing  physical stamina.


Amazonite:  microlene Feldspar from orthoclase group

            Clarifies & improves thinking; balances energies; pacifies & soothes; promotes        kindness & practicality. Balances emotions & increases stamina.


Amber: fossilized tree resin.  Copal is younger than Baltic.

            Helps the body to heal itself by absorbing & transmuting negative energy into             positive energy.  Symbol of courage; helps remove energy blockages; protects   from negativity.  For good luck & success; general healing; joint problems; stomach & kidneys.


Amethyst:  Silicon Dioxide (Manganese & Iron give the quartz its purple color)

            Stone of the Mind – Protection; purification; enhances psychic abilities; calmness and clarity during anxiety & confusion. Helps with the release of addictions such as alcohol; detoxification; AIDS/HIV; tumors; emphysema;  insomnia; ear problems & fainting.


Ametrine:  Amethyst and Citrine combo

            A very powerful money stone - promotes decisiveness through mental &  spiritual clarity. Fights depression and promotes tranquility.


Angelite:  Anhydrite (calcium sulfate)

            (Do not put in water - it looses its polish if submerged)

Angelic communication; love; releases anger; & increases telepathy. Helps with

Inflammation/afflictions of the throat; balances thyroid; & weight control.  


Apatite:  Fluorine-chlorine-hydroxyl phosphate

            Golden yellow:  A learning stone; helps clarify your purpose in life and assists in the project from beginning to end.

            Blue:  Inspirational; enhances psychic abilities and communication.

            Green:  Knowledge of the heart; relaxation; & revitalization.

Generally, helps heal bones; strengthens teeth; helps joints; & hypertension.


Apophyllite (white, green & orange): Hydrous calcium potassium fluorosilicate

            (Powerful enough to clear negative energies out of Quartz crystals) Universal love; perfection; assists with connection between physical & spiritual realms. Good for addictions; fatigue; aching feet; and helps improve eyesight.


Aquamarine:  Beryl (beryllium aluminum silicate with iron oxide) Blue, bluish-                                   green, or pale green 

Use in deep meditations to be in touch with yourself; peace & serenity; embodies courage & protection; communication; and aids in letting go of past emotional issues. Helps the thymus gland; calms nerves; and aids throat afflictions.


Aragonite:  a polymorph of calcium carbonate

            Brown:  Focus; patience; discipline & reliability. Calms night twitches; muscle                          spasms; and joint aches.

            Brown Star cluster: Radiates its energy in all directions; balances & cleanses                  your surrounding energy; instills confidence.

            Blue:  Communication; patience; acceptance; combats anger & emotional                            stress. Intensifies enjoyment in all emotional states; calms and soothes                                   nerves; helps with pain; and strengthens immune system.

            White:  Spiritual purification; emanates the energies of love, compassion &                            forgiveness to heal oneself. Helps to heal oneself emotionally.



Astrophyllite:  Potassium Sodium Iron Manganese Titanium Silicate Hydroxide                                (rare titanium mineral)

            Self-knowledge & self-acceptance; grounding; calms, & protects; increases   sensitivity of touch and perception (excellent tool for acupressure or massage   as it enhances awareness of client's needs). When needed, it helps to protect & guide during   astral travel & dream time. Helps hormonal & reproductive systems, including PMS & menopausal issues; epilepsy; large intestines; ADD; ADHD; and   anxiety.


Aventurine:  Quartz (silicon dioxide) with particles of mica, hematite or goethite

            Green: Growth; confidence; and stone of luck & chance (put in left pocket  when             buying lottery ticket or other gambling). All purpose healing stone - for fever; stress; eczema; strengthens eyesight; and treatment of heart problems

            Blue:  uIncreases vitality; self-discipline; & promotes inner strength..  Good for                      nearsightedness and stress.

            Yellow:  Balances emotions – great for teenagers.

            Red:  Assists in creativity; sexuality; strength & determination. A blood pressure                    equalizer & helps heal cancer.

            Peach: Gently increases energy; boosts creativity; & helps with decision making.                  Good for lungs, heart, adrenal glands & genitalia.


Azurite:  Carbonate (oxidized copper)

            Stone of Heaven – stimulates the third eye

Promotes insight & vision; creativity; growth & confidence; and communication.  Stimulates liver, brain, nerve activity, and thyroid. Aids with detoxification.






Bismuth (lab-grown in Germany & USA):  A semi-precious semi-metal – extremely   rare occurring as crystals in nature

            Transformation; change; relieves feelings of loneliness & isolation. Aids in meditation by staring at the colors and shape of steps. Helps reduce fevers; find new treatments to deal with chronic illnesses; ease the effects of degenerative muscle conditions; and help heal after major surgery.


Bloodstone (Heliotrope):  Chalcedony – green jasper with iron oxide

            Stone of courage -    Purification; strength; courage & vitality. Helps overcome           distress; anxiety; and emotional blockages. Good for anemia; menstrual cramps;  bleeding; blood pressure; leg cramps; colon; kidneys; and lung congestion.


Brazilianite: Phosphate mix of sodium & aluminum (pale to strong yellow-green)

            Embodies a potent energy that relates to Atlantis.  Do not misuse this energy!  Please use integrity.

            Aids in manifestation & achieving desires; releases anger & bitterness; aids your     awareness of people who take advantage of you; & increases creative abilities  especially for musicians, painters & writers. Helps regulate body temperatures;  kidney and urinary tract disorders; and may balance hormone production.

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