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Metaphysical Meanings of Stones


The information about the properties of the stones is for educational purposes only. This information does not imply a guarantee of effect and is not intended to replace the diagnosis of a certified physician.  Please use this information responsibly and spiritually.






Galena:  high amounts of lead – wash hands after handling

            Shamanic soul retrieval & past-life recall. Helps to counter infection; recovery from addictions; and protects against radiation.


Garnets:  Aluminum & calcium silicate

            Stone of health, commitment, devotion & passion.  Stimulates Kundalini.


            Grossular (green, yellow, brown, red, orange, brown, white, pink, gray or black) –                   Prosperity & health. Enhances the immune system; helps the heart and respiratory system; increases fertility; and can aid in detoxification. Used to improve bone marrow; alleviate  arthritis and rheumatism; and assimilate Vitamin A.                             

            Spessartine (yellowish-orange) – Creativity, sexuality & attraction.                   

            Pyrope (pinkish or purplish red to crimson & nearly black) Emotional healing,  self-worth & walking the spiritual path.                      

            Almandine (deep red to reddish brown to brownish black) Strength & security. Good for anemia; blood circulation; menopause; arthritis; thyroid; and depression.                   

            Andradite (black) – Grounding; protection; knowledge; & creative power.                   

            Uvarovite (deep green) – Overcome poverty & manifest abundance.

            Rhodolite (ruby red to purple) – A hybrid of Pyrope & Almandine which contains both             properties.


Golden Star Mica (Muscovite): silicate

            Crystal healers use this to allow patients to take responsibility of their own healing.

Awareness of higher self; spirit & angel communication; enhances problem solving; inspiration; creativity; eases tension; and promotes harmony in the home.  For diabetes, it regulates blood sugar levels; pancreatic secretions & helps kidneys work to their full potential.  Dispels allergic reactions & balance all of the body's systems.


Goldstone: man-made glass with copper

            Red - vitality & energy

            Blue – learning & communication

            Green – growth & abundance


Green Beryl: beryllium aluminum silicate with chromium

            Calming; balancing; nourishing; helps ease emotional upsets; improves memory; & helps with sleep disorders. Good for transitions in life. Cleanses away negative energies.






Healerite (trademark for serpentine):  Magnesium Silicate

                 (with magnesium, manganese & olivine for green color)

         Very powerful and beneficial healing energy stone. Works on many levels of the body by restructuring misaligned Chakras & meridians and encourages all of the internal cells to harmonize with each other. When carried if feeling ill, it helps to bring you back to optimum health.

Heliodor:  Beryl (beryllium aluminum silicate)

         A stone of the higher conciousness & physical well-being; activates the mind & will. Alleviates irritability and nervousness, and provides relief from heavy  burdens and immense pressure.  It brings stability, optimism, honesty in others and to regain what has been lost in terms of employment, prospects or money. Excellent for the self-employed, or for those who struggle to balance care- giving and career. Good for the immune system; aids in liver, spleen, & pancreas disorders; helps with digestive system, nausea, jaundice, diarrhea & chronic constipation.



Hematite:  Iron Oxide

            Enhances mental activity; grounding & manifestation; balances yin/yang energies and  emotions; and dissolves negativity. Good for anemia; bloodstream; fever; neck tension; backache; depression; insomnia; muscles; leg cramps; inflammation of heart; and thyroid.

    SpecularHematite(Specularite):                                                               Brings grounding and high energy simultaneously.  Assists in grounding high level spiritual energy to the reality of every day life. Counters the ill effects of your computer on your body.


Hemimorphite:  Zinc Silicate

            An empathy stone.  Enhances self-esteem while decreasing any self-  centeredness. Excellent as a Third Eye chakra crystal to enhance your creativity,  communication and psychic abilities.  It may help you find your spirit guides. Healers use this stone to relieve PMS; achieve balance during hormonal-related headaches and other maladies; weight loss; and ulcer conditions.


 Herkimer Diamonds: Quartz with carbon inclusions

            Harmony, awareness, visions & purification. Can store information/emotions. Alleviates tension and balances the body and the emotions.


Hiddenite:  Spodumene with chromium for color

            Joy & happiness; love; compassion; and forgiveness. Contains lithium to provide a  peaceful feeling (anti-stress).


Howlite:  Hydrated Calcium Silico-Borate

            Stone of memory, knowledge & progress.  Encourages reasoning, observation,  discernment, patience & tact. Strenghthens bones & teeth; helps osteoporosis; insomnia; stress; and anger.





Infinite:  Gray-green serpentine

              Heals & protects the auric field; activates kundalini; very powerful healing stone.  Useful for healers, athletes & pain sufferers as this is a strong healer that will draw out the pain.  (Cleanse it often)  Excellent for the treatment of joints, muscles, connective tissue, the immune system, and pain relief.


Iolite:  magnesium aluminum silicate

            Resonates to both  Archangel's Michael and Gabriel, the Archangel of vision and prophecy.

Iolite's gift is in leading us to inner knowledge.  One of its primary functions is to stimulate us as spiritual beings, guiding us to a higher awareness, and awakening us to the inner knowledge that  so patiently waits within each of us.  Within you already lies the knowledge of the Universe. Iolite will help you open that door. Helps hypothyroidism; liver; cholesterol; and helps eliminate toxins. Heals eyes; stimulates memory; & helps with sleep imbalances.






                1.  Nephrite – calcium magnesium silicate

                     (white, deep green & creamy brown)

                2.  Jadeite – sodium aluminum silicate

                      (light green, blue-green, lavender, green-black, deep emerald or black)


            Green – health & abundance; calms the nervous system            

            Purple – humor, spiritual knowledge & attunement                      

            Lavender – high spiritual attunement & compassion                   

            Black – protection & clearing negativity                

            Red – courage & action                  

            Blue – Spiritual knowledge & clarity; a peaceful, calming stone

            White -   assists in concentration by filtering unwanted distractions      


Jasper:  Chalcedony

            General - Protection, balances & stabilizes. Used for safe astral travel & dowsing.


            Black (flinty: rarer than most)– Highly shielding against curses, threats, and danger in high risk occupations. Excellant scrying stone for discerning what is hidden. Facilitates prophetic dreams & visions.

            Brown – Great as a worry stone for grounding; or for a sudden rush of fear, panic, or                anger. Anti-stress aid.         

            Green – Soothing; brings rain; balances obsessive tendencies; restores harmony; and is the ultimate sleep stone.

            Mookaite – Strength; decision making; shields from difficult situations; fear; depression; communication; calming & balancing. Good for pregnant parents to communicate with unborn child. Slows the aging process; aids glandular; hernias; ruptures and water retention; fertility & happy pregnancies.

            Ocean – Enjoyment of life; release of negativity & stress; relaxation. Beneficial to digestion; digestive organs; removing toxins; and lessens body odor. 

            Picture – Inner journey to sacred sites & connects with Earth's conciousness.  Associated with harmony & visualization. Good for immune system; clears toxins & pollutants from the body; and cleanses kidneys.       

            Polychrome – Sense of belonging to family, friends and our mother earth. This is a teaching stone. Helps one to engage with others and resolve issues equitably. Balances, grounds, and helps release blockages of stagnant energy.

            Rainforest (Rhyolite) - Stone of resolution; change; variety; creativity; progress; energy; strength; and awareness. Connects with Nature and joy in life. Helps with depression & lethargy.

            Red – Physical strength; vitality; stability; health; re-birth & inspiration. Good for bronchitis; cancer; diabetes; nightmares; menstrual pain; and protects against  external stresses.

            Spiderweb - Connection with universal energies & the web of destiny. Soothes frayed nerves.

            Unakite – Healing; balance; release of bad habits; higher attunement & patient persistence.

For heart; female reproductive health; and aids recovery from illness.           

            Zebra stone (black/white) - Unites the energies of the masculine and feminine, Yin and Yang; balances; grounds; promotes optimism; & wards off negativity. For kidney/bladder problems; improves skin, bones & teeth; alleviates muscle spasms; & stimulates physical energy, stamina & endurance.


Jet:  Carbon

            Protection, purification & grounding. Combine with amber or sugilite; cleanses the liver & kidneys.




Kunzite:  Lithium Aluminum Silicate 

            Pink (Spodumene):  Peace & purification. Powerful love energy. One of the best stones to give as a gift. (Do not expose to sunlight for long as it will fade.)  A powerful healer of the emotional body. Supports healing of physical blockages or obstructions. Helps to ease stress.

            Green (Hiddenite): A master stone of the heart and allows one to experience joy and bliss; helps to reclaim your ability to love with your whole heart and to get rid of negative energy between individuals. Good for healing deep wounds of the heart; calming the emotions and eliminating stress; and can be used for abuse & recovery from addictions because of the lithium contained within.


Kyanite:  Aluminum Silicate

                Never needs cleansing or clearing – stone of attunement

                Black – Grounding; clears blocked energies in any chakra & can replenish the meridian system. Can take you back to past lives & forward to probable futures. Helps bridge energy gaps caused by bone breakage or surgery by assisting nerves & tissue to reestablish pathways. Ideal for working to  heal the brain from the effects of head trauma, seizure or stroke.

            Blue – Communication; very high vibrations to open psychic mind centers & enhances mental capacities. Aids in healing throat afflictions.

            Green – Creates a bridge between self & Nature; connects with the truth of  the heart & helps to discern truth when speaking to another. Maintains heart balance.

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