Metaphysical Meanings of Stones


The information about the properties of the stones is for educational purposes only. This information does not imply a guarantee of effect and is not intended to replace the diagnosis of a certified physician.  Please use this information responsibly and spiritually.





Sapphire:  Corundum

            Joy, peace, beauty & intuition.  Stone of prosperity.


            Blue: Assists in the healing of your entire body and communication, attentiveness, inspiration and psychic awareness.

            Green: Works with your Heart Chakra and is excellent for fidelity, loyalty, physical sight and remembering dreams.

            Black: Protects both your physical body and your energy, grounding you while eliminating anxiety and doubt.

            Purple: Allows you to focus and advance spiritually. Use it in meditation to awaken the Crown Chakra.

            White: Stimulating to your Crown Chakra, and also heightens your focus and attention. It frees you from greed and bestows justice and truth.

            Yellow: A wealth and prosperity stone, clearing the way and providing endurance and fulfillment. It allows for a view of the bigger picture in business.

            Red:  Is called Ruby.

            Parti Sapphire: Is a multi-coloured Sapphire found in Australia. Each color adds to the stone the properties listed above, plus the stone activates and stimulates all of your chakras. It allows you to live totally in the moment.


Selenite:  Hydrous Calcium Sulfate (gypsum) 

            Spiritual activation & communication with Higher Self, spirit guides and angels; mental clarity, awareness, & insight. Can be used as a tool to aid in accessing the past & future lives by gently rubbing the stone.  Good for mental clarity; insomnia; reproductive organs; strengthens bones (for bone illness); benefits spinal column & skeletal system; and muscular & cellular structures.

(Powerful enough to clear negative energies out of quartz crystals.  Selenite is the only mineral  capable of programming quartz crystals.  It was the original record keeping stone in Atlantean & Lemurian times.  Ideal carrier of the energies of other crystals when added to wands.)


Septarian Nodules:  Calcite (the yellow centers), Aragonite (the brown lines), and Limestone (the outer grey)

Septarians formed between 50 to 70 million years ago. As a result of volcanic eruptions, dead sea life was chemically attracted to the sediment  around them, forming mud balls. As  the ocean receded, the balls dried and cracked. Due to their bentonite content they also shrank in size, creating  the cracks inside.  As decomposed shells seeped down into the cracks in the mud balls, calcite crystals formed. The outer thin walls of calcite then  transformed into aragonite.

This stone has all of the properties of the combination of minerals that comprise it making it extremely powerful.  Overall healing & health; aids in communication with others and to aid in being heard and understood.


Seraphinite (trade name): a variety of clinochlore/chlorite with mica inclusions 

            Self-healing; regeneration; wholeness of oneself; connects the physical with the angelic realm.  Good for nerves; brain cells; purification of the blood and organs; eliminating toxins; kidneys; and liver. 


Serpentine:  metamorphic rock

            Connections with Nature & Earth's history; protects against poisonous snakes, insects, etc.  Excellent for meditation. Helps cellular regrowth & replenishing  energy.  Soothing to the emotional body, allows one to release fears.  Aids kidney & stomach problems; relaxes cramps & menstrual pain; and helps women who are unable to reach orgasm due to tension.


Scolecite: a zeolite of calcium silicate

          A high vibration crystal that brings about an uplifting, relaxed state. Strong aid in communication with Spirit and facilitates deep inner peace and spiritual transformation. Good for insomnia; nervous and muscular systems; blood circulation and decreases violence in thought, emotion and behavior.


Shiva Lingham - Stone of the Kundalini:  Crypto-crystalline quartz from the Narmada River in India 

            Vitality; enlightenment; oneness with all; balances male (yang) energy. Aids with treating impotence and infertility.


Shungite: a carbon material created by decaying organic matter underwater – almost 2 billion years old – formed before life-forms existed on Earth. Found in one location only...in the Shunga region of Karelia, NW of Russia.


            "Stone of Life" due to healing and anti-bacterial properties.  Healing power is incomparable to any other stone.  Purifies, protects, normalizes, induces recovery, and promotes growth in living organisms.  An excellent source of protection from harmful electromagnetic radiation from computers, microwave ovens, TV sets and cell phones!


Soapstone: Serpentine, Talc, & Carbonates (Magnesite, Dolomite or Calcite)



Sodalite:  Silicon Dioxide

            Logic; intellect; efficiency. Enhanced insight; mental performance; & deepened intuition. Good for blood pressure (high & low); purifies blood & liver; burns; sinus; digestion; impotence;   thyroid; and losing a few pounds.


Sphalorite: zinc blende

            Strength, vitality & grounding.  Aids in sexual energy & creative pursuits.  Healers use it with athletes to boost physical energy & recover from exercise. Assists the immune system & prevents infections.


Staurolite (raised cross):  Silicate group known as Fairy stone or Fairy cross

            Grounding & physical well-being; linking with the near realm of fairies, devas, animal & plant conciousness. Helps alleviate stress; depression and aids in recovery from addiction; counter the effects of aging; recovery from any abusive habits; aids in muscle and blood formation; and provides a sense of general well being.


Stibnite:  Antimony Trisulfide metal  (Stibnite is toxic)

            Protection; powerful meditation stone by helping the body incorporate higher frequencies. Releases fears about exploring the spiritual & higher realms.  Helps heal infection to cuts or wounds; counters herpes, cold sores, boils & other lesions. 


Stilbite:   Zeolite group – hydrous calcium, sodium, aluminum silicate

            Calms; stimulates the mind; enhances ability to learn. Assists in restful sleep and vivid dreaming; calming/soothing.


Stromatolite:  Fossil of carbonate or silicate sediment and fossilized microbial mats 

            These fossils hold the energies of the earliest evolution of life on this planet. Use them to bring steadfast persistence, stability, connection to the essence of life, resilience and versatility. Good for past life regression healing and relieving physical and emotional stress.


Sugilite:  potassium, sodium, lithium, iron, manganese & aluminum

            One of the most important love stones-spiritual love, wisdom & forgiveness.  Protects the soul from shocks & trauma by bringing light & love to the darkest   situations. Aids in psychic awareness & spirituality; headache; epilepsy; AIDS/HIV; autism; dyslexia; pain relief; and motor dysfunction.


Sulfur: Solar energy (masculine)

          Stone of vitality and energy. It helps to detox energy fields of people and also the environment around you. Helps to remove emotional negativity in thoughts and to  release negative feelings, regrets and grudges. DO Not Take Internally!


Sunstone: Oligoclase, a Feldspar mineral with minute hematite scales

            Alleviates stress; increases vitality; clears & energizes chakras.  Good fortune to  those who wear or carry it.  Helps overcome procrastination. Balances emotions; improves digestion; aching feet; gives extra energy when you are ill or under stress; promotes harmony among the organ functions.


Super 7 (trademark):  (7 minerals in quartz or amethyst – quartz, hematite, strengite, beraunite, rockbridgette, limonite & amethyst) Never needs cleansing or clearing

          Excellent for enhancing all types of psychic abilities and psychic skills including telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, channeling, telekinesis, and others. Not associated with any one chakra, but is outstanding at healing, balancing and energizing all seven chakras. It is a powerful stone for crystal healing, and is excellent for healing mind, body, and spirit dis-ease. Has all of the properties of the 7 minerals




Tektites: Talisman of good luck!

            Improves telepathy, promotes psychic sensitivity, and expands your energy field when used in meditation. Can be used for estraterrestrial communication, astral travel and lucid dreams.


Terahertz Ore: man made ore of extracted silica from sand or Quartz

          Japanese scientists discovered this ore to have a vibration frequency between that of microwaves and far infrared light on the electromagnetic spectrum ranging from .1 to 30 THz. Terahertz frequencies are abundant in the universe and correspond to       frequencies in our bodies. Babies, qigong masters, healthy young people, dolphins, animals, and the new and full moons have an extremely strong frequency. Can help ease muscle aches, pain, headaches, insomnia, exhaustion, knee pain, & hand  arthritis.


Tetrahedrite: copper antimony sulfosalt

            Syncronicity; and organized & orderly thinking.


Tiger Eye:  Silicon Dioxide with Chatoyant Quartz

            Practicality; fairness; grounds and balances between extremes. Promotes  optimism,  psychic ability & intuition.  Good for physical energy; anemia; asthma; emphysema; and improves night vision


Tiger Iron: a combo of Gold Tiger Eye, Hematite & Red Jasper

            Strength; willpower; motivation; cooperation and unity.  Helps find courage in times of danger and change. Enhances creative energies and promotes physical vitality, energy and stamina.


Topaz:   Aluminum Fluorsilicate

            Crystal of love & success and aids in nervous exhaustion.

            White (colorless) – mental clarity & psychic gifts

            Imperial (golden) – manifestation of personal intention, will & desire

            Blue – enhances the mind & communication           

            Mystic & Rainbow – coated white topaz


Tourmaline:  Complex silicate of Boron & Aluminum

            General - inspiration, understanding & confidence.


            Black (Shorl) – Purification; intellect; vitality; protects against negativity. Good for addictions; deafness; arthritis; heart disease; and regulates blood pressure.

            Blue (Indicolite) – Higher awareness & communication. Brings happiness and laughter to your life. It also promotes inspiration of all kinds, and lessens fear.  A protective stone that can dispel curses and protect from all dangers. Use to de-stress for a peaceful night's sleep. Good for lungs; larynx; thyroid; heart; internal organs; and parasympathetic nerves. 

            Brown (Dravite) – Self-healing & self-accepting. Protection, especially of the home. Good for ADHD; ADD; the immune system; & animal healing.

            Green (Verdilite) – Healing; creativity; prosperity & abundance; joy for life. Good for digestive system; eyes; regenerates heart; and regulates blood pressure.

            Golden – Confidence & inner strength.

            Light Pink – Love & friendship; emotional healing; joy; peace; & understanding. Helps restore love and relieve stress & worry.    

            Red or Dark Pink (Rubellite) – Healing the heart & life passion; devotion. Balances the body's electrochemical system; strengthens immune system; heals backaches; and reproductive system disorders; detoxifies the blood; assists with recovery; and eases the effects of radiation poisoning.                 

            Watermelon – Calm & joy; balances male/females energies. Good for the heart and nervousness. The green feeds life force and the pink soothes & harmonizes.


Turquenite (man-made):  Dyed Howlite          

            Same properties as Howlite


Turquoise:  Hydrous phosphate of Copper & Aluminum

            Protection, wholeness, communication, & spiritual expansion between physical & spiritual planes.  Dispels negative energy & clears electro-magnetic smog from environment. This stone carries great wisdom of basic truth. It takes on the characteristic of the person wearing it. The person must attune to the stone instead of the stone attuning to the person. Please give it the proper attention. Good for gout; rheumatism; stomach problems; cataracts; physical energy; chest  & lungs; aids mental relaxation and calms emotions; contains anti-inflammatory & detoxifying effects (use with copper to increase power).




Ulexite (TV stone):  Hydrous Sodium Calcium Borate

            Clarity, balance, actualization. Helps to solve problems & find solutions. Good for fatigue & double vision.


Unakite:  Pink Feldspar, Green Epidote, and Quartz  (jasper)

            Emotional balance & spirituality; healing; balance; release of bad habits; higher attunement; & patient persistence. Good for heart; female reproductive health; healthy pregnancies; aids recovery from trauma or major illnesses; protests against electromagnetic pollution from  computers & cell phones.           




Vanadinite:  forms in the oxidation zone of lead deposits

            Facilitates mental processes; allows for a deep state of meditation; powerful energy booster. Counters the effects of aging; protects from radiation; strengthens and stimulates sexual energies.


Vivianite: Hydrated Iron Phosphate

          Brings peace, serenity, & love by removing negative energy from your surroundings. It is an emotional restorative (especially heartbreak) helping you dive deep into your heart to heal old & new wounds. Stimulates deep compassion for others and alleviates depression, anxiety, stress, & burnout. Boosts intuition & clear communication. Good for the eyes (cataracts or pink eye), heart, liver, strengthens bone & teeth, and slows down memory loss & senility. Speeds recovery from illness, disease, & physical wounds as it repairs the body at a cellular level. Helps with    mobility issues.


Wavellite:  a phosphate mineral

            Aids in the direction of one's life journey and in the proper energy flow.  Enhances and  improves decision-making, intuition and helps energy flow smoothly.


Wollastonite: calcium inosilicate (may contain iron, magnesium or manganese)

           A high vibration stone with light & joyful energy that can assist with contacting the Angelic & Faerie realm. It can also assist in diminishing fears & hesitation. Good for bones, glands, muscle spasms and flexibility.


Zircon:  zirconium silicate (colorless, red, pink, brown, yellow, hazel or black)

           Powerful grounding stone that harmonizes inner goals and dreams with real life. Spiritual protection, energizes chakras, assists when energy is depleted.


Zoisite: calcium aluminum hydroxy sorosilicate

           A powerful gemstone that can transform negative energy into positive and when combined

with Ruby's abilities, magnifies the stones ability to help amplify the entire energy field and release the talents and abilities of your mind.


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