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Metaphysical Meanings of Stones


The information about the properties of the stones is for educational purposes only. This information does not imply a guarantee of effect and is not intended to replace the diagnosis of a certified physician.  Please use this information responsibly and spiritually.




Labradorite (Spectrolite):  Mixture of sodium & calcium aluminum silicates - Feldspar 

            Promotes intellectual, intuitive & mystical wisdom. Stimulates the brain, reduces anxiety & stress.  Clears, balances & protects aura; prevents people from draining your energy. Helps eyes (night vsion); physical energy; mental clarity; smoking addictions; seizures; and reduces anxiety & stress. (Emits a powerful light energy from planetary sources & beings to the soul of the user.)


Lapis Lazuli:  Combo of Lazurite, calcite, pyrite & diopside

            Stone for acquiring wisdom & esoteric knowledge; inner vision; truthful communication; awareness; intuition; and psychic ability. Stone of protection. Good for depression; immune system; AIDS/HIV; asthma; ears/nose/throat; cellular restructuring of ears; fainting; back pain; strengthens skeletal structure; menopause; menstrual pain; and helps in birthing process.


Larimar (Hispaniola/Carribean Sea):  Feldspar

            Calming; soothing to the emotions; enhanced communication; teaches respect, love & nurturing. Good for chest & lungs; asthma; emphysema; sinus; and lymph problems. Helps pregnant or new mothers to relieve depression and stress.


Lepidolite:  Mica group-potassium, lithium, & aluminum fluorosilicate

             Purple: Peace Stone – Encourages independence; transition; hope; honesty; emotional balance; and goodness. Good luck when carried. Aids anxiety, stress, and panic attacks. Good for depression; ADD/ADHD; bi-polar disorders; post-traumatic stress disorder; addictions; sleep (anti-nightmare); exhaustion; allergies; menopause; nerve pain; sciatica;  joint pain; & inflammation.

            Golden: Enhances mental clarity & insight; stabilizes the will forces; and increases synchronicity. Aids Alzheimer's & memory loss.

            Golden Star Mica: Self confidence; ability to listen to intuition; and enables quick thinking and communication of feelings. Helps during major life changes to come to final decision. Aids in studying and retaining foreign languages, technical materials, & spiritual healing techniques. For diabetes; kidney; pancreas; insomnia; & memory.

            Coconut:  Botryoidal growth means gentler energies.


Libyan Gold Tektite: a meteorite melted the silica in desert sand and formed the                       natural pure glass

Financial prosperity, increased sales & profits, good luck and new ideas.





Magnesium: A mineral with many helaing properties such as aiding in nerve & muscle function, and healthy bones. Helps to regulate blood sugar levels, normal blood pressure and regulate metabolism.


Magnetite (Lodestone): Iron Oxide – naturally magnetic

          A potent stone for manifestation. Helps attract what you desire – situations and people. Balances brain activity, your aura, and is very grounding. Shamans have used it because of its strong ability to make the earth connection. Also, grounds intentions to Mother Gaia.

          Healers use it for the negative-positive aspect of the stone which helps assist clients whose energy has been over-energized by the body's attempt to heal itself without success by bringing chakras and meridians into alignment.


Malachite:  Copper carbonate

            Enlightened leadership & creativity; balance & transformation. Helps to recognize & clear past negative experiences. Protects wearers from accidents &  aids in success in business. For stress; immune system; cancer; asthma; emphysema; sciatica; arthritis; bursitis; osteoporosis; bone aches; itching; and easing of birthing process. (Caution: Malachite "mirrors the soul" – it will reflect back your emotions and feelings.)


Marble:  travertine marble

            A cleansing stone that is beneficial for the blood, skin, and cleansing systems. Serenity;

"common sense"; dream recall; and balance.


Marcasite:  Sulfide

            Physical vitality & spirituality; balances polarities.


Moldavite:  Tektite of Silicon Dioxide, Aluminum Oxide and other metals

            A very powerful stone that can cause headaches and quickening of the pulse when first encountered. Rapid spiritual evolution; chakra activation; cleansing & purification. One of the best stones for psychic protection, as negative entities find it difficult to connect with your aura when wearing it. A very protective stone when working on developing psychic abilities. Focuses on blockages or wounds by clearing these areas and then aligning (resonating) them with your entire system.


Moonstone:  sodium potassium aluminum silicate

            Mystery, intuition, dreams & insight.  Good for female reproductive system, PMS; fertility; and emotional balance. Stone for safe travel & to bring good fortune.


  Cat's eye – Promotes clarity of mind & inner vision.

            Gray (New moon) – Powerful stone for clairvoyant or shaman to assist in moving into the unseen realms.

            Peach – Gentle, loving energy for the emotional body.

            White (Full moon) – Stimulates psychic perception.

            Rainbow – Positive protection stone.


Morganite:  beryllium aluminum silicate w/trace manganese (pink beryl)

            Stone of divine love & abundance of the heart. Angelic communication. Helps release unheathly emotional patterns & aids in developing trust. Good for stress & stress related illnesses; asthma; heart problems; impotence; & lung difficulties.


Mystic Merlinite-trademark (Indigo Gabbro): igneous rock formed of silicate with magnesium and iron

          Grounding protection stone. High energy stone to help raise your intuition; helps to communicate with the elemental realms; clear your aura; past life healing; and shields form EMF pollution. Place under your pillow for lucid dreaming or astral travel. Aids in boosting the immune system; helps the body heal from infections or bruises; and good for hot flashes.




Natrolite: Hydrated Sodium Aluminum Silicate

          A zeolite that aids the nervous system to deal with high vibrations, enhances psychic abilities, helps make contact with spirit, & attracts synchronicity. Good for calming nerves, fear of water, head infections, edema, & water retention.


Nuumite (Magician's or Sorcerer's stone):  Anthophyllite & Gedrite from Greenland

            (one of the oldest minerals – 3 billion years old)

            Personal power stone; enhances intuition; extreme grounding; a strong element of the magical & mystical vibration of the earth. Increases frequency of synchronicity and is highly protective especially against stronger levels of magic & sorcery used against you. A powerful shamanic stone.  Use to increase the energy of other healing stones. General healing; relieves pain & discomfort of headaches; disperses infections; purifies blood & kidneys and regulates insulin production. Disorders of the throat; the vision; the eyes; central nervous system the brain. Reduces anxiety & stress.





Obsidian:  Igneous Silica  (volcanic glass)

            Protection & grounding; self-control & resilience. Blocks negativity.


            Apache Tears – Grounding, protection & emotional cleansing. Comforts in time of  grief and promotes forgiveness.         

            Aqua – (man-made) Communication; calms feelings of anger & frustration; extremely protective when traveling.

            Black – Very powerful energy for grounding; cleansing of negativity; and healing emotions.

            Green – Assists in energy healing; calming & peaceful. Promotes relaxation & peace; reduces stress; anti-nightmare; and eases insomnia.

            Gold Sheen – Activates the higher Will; is good for scrying; takes you into the future and the past deep inside the core of the problem. Balances energy fields.

            Mahogany – Strength & vitality; release from inner limitations. Improves circulation & eases pain.

            Peacock (swirls) – Shamanic journeying & astral travel.

            Rainbow (layers) –Recovery from emotional wounds. Anti-stress.        

            Silver Sheen:  Provides a mirror of inner being; helpful when journeying out of body as it connects the astral & physical bodies.

            Snowflake – Past-life recall & spirit communication; stone of purity and balance. Good for veins; skeleton; and improving circulation.           

            Strawberry – (man-made) Stimulates physical energy and helps face fear & anxiety

          Yellow (man made) – Willpower, joy, confidence, self-control


Onyx/Sardonyx:  Chalcedony

            Inner strength; focused attention; discipline & reason; releases old relationships;

protection; courage; marital happiness; eloquence; peace & luck. Helps stress; bone marrow healing; fractures; and deafness.

            Black (Sardonyx):  Ovaries and eases birthing process.


Opal, White Common: Amorphous form of Silicate

            Angelic communication; balancing emotions; inspires hope & luck. Alleviates worry, chronic stress, depression; and headaches. Helps eyesight; blood; insulin  regulation; PMS; & immune system.




Peacock Ore (Chalcopyrite):  Copper

            Stone of happiness. Excellent healing stone. Increases perception and breaks up energy blockages.


Peridot (Chrysolite):  Magnesium Iron Silicate from Olivine group

     Understanding; openness; recognition; acceptance; & happiness. Provides a  shield of protection.  Lessons stress; irritability; grief; anger & jealousy. A good healer for digestion; gall bladder; liver; insomnia; blood sugar; detox; eyes; heartburn; lungs; smoking addiction; spleen; & thyroid.


Petalite:  Lithium Aluminium Phyllosilicate

            Powerful protection stone – does not allow negative energy to stay in the area.

An extremely high vibration stone, yet has a smooth balanced energy. Using it will deeply connect you to the spiritual realm. Promotes calmness for centering; balances yin/yang energies and aligns and balances mind/body/spirit. It is related to and works best on the throat and crown chakras. Good for stress related illnesses, excessive worry, anxiety and ADD.


Petrified Wood:  Steady growth; strong body; patience & inner peace. Good for hip pain and back problems.


Phenacite (Phenakite):  Silicate

            Very high and strong vibrations that can activate the third eye & crown chakra of just about anyone.  Instant cleansing of the auric field; spirit guide & angelic communication. Used for all types of healing as it has the extremely high vibration that can multiply the energies of other stones used in crystal healing. For the spine; throat; hypothalamus; amygdala; carotid arteries; jugular veins; nerve damage;brain imbalances; brain damage & genetic disorders that limit brain functions.


Pietersite (The Tempest Stone):  A form of Tiger Eye – Silicon Dioxide & Chatoyant Quartz with Crocidolite (blue asbestos)

            Insight, intuition & precognition. Kick starts the base chakra to take action & change one's life. Stimulates the body with energy & strength; helps dispel agitation & worry about the future; blood pressure; growth; sex; temperature; lungs; liver; intestines; feet; legs; pituitary gland; endocrine  system; and hormones that govern metabolism.

(Pietersite is thought to hold the keys to the kingdom of heaven because it empowers the ability to perceive the beauty of the soul.)


Prehnite (connects to Raphael):  calcium Aluminum Silicate with some Iron

            Stone for dreaming & remembering; prophecy. Helps to contact non-physical entities & extraterrestrials. Strengthens intuition and helps recognize truths. Helps to find the root cause of an illness. Good for kidneys; bladder; thymus gland; shoulders; chest; and lungs. Good for use in gridwork.


Purpurite: Manganese Iron Phosphate mineral (some Lithiophilite)

          A rejuvenating stone – it energizes physical & mental bodies. Powerful healing abilities & offers strong psychic protection. Helps relieve stress & calms the nerves so you can let go of worry & anxiety. Encourages you to feel free to speak out & verbalize your thoughts clearly. Public speakers can reclaim confidence and focus. (This may help with any real estate sales.) Good for alleviating problems with superficial wounds & bruises, high blood pressure, circulation, heart palpitations, & uric acid.


Pyrite:  Iron Disulfide often with nickel & cobalt

            Stone of protection. Wards off negative energy & physical danger. Masculine energy for vitality, confidence, & manifestation. For arthritis; lethargy & fatigue; lungs; bronchitis; & asthma.


Pyrolusite: manganese oxide (Rutile group):

            Stone of Transformation – encourages coincidences to come into play to aid you to move your life in a new direction.  Strengthens your aura by repelling negativity. Hope; optimism; confidence; determination; & material comfort. Good   for bronchitis; metabolisregulation; eyesight;

& to strengthen wall of the veins.


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