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Metaphysical Meanings of Stones


The information about the properties of the stones is for educational purposes only. This information does not imply a guarantee of effect and is not intended to replace the diagnosis of a certified physician.  Please use this information responsibly and spiritually.






Cacoxenite:  Gold, yellow or brown fuzzy inclusion found in Quartz & Amethyst

            Expands consciousness and world meditation. Assists in emotional imbalance; stomach or digestive problems; and the thyroid gland.


Calcites:  Calcium carbonate

            Powerful energy amplifier & healer, aids memory & clears chakra centers

            Blue: Inspirational; a soothing or calming stone; enhances memory, psychic                         ability & astral travel. (Helps sensitive people protect themselves from others' energies.) Useful for drug detox; constipation; & headaches. Helps clear lung congestion; stabilizes heart rhythm; & lowers blood pressure.                               

            Clear (Icelandic Spar or Optical): Displays an optical illusion called double                refraction which produces a double image.  Amplifies clarity, insight & manifestation and aids in seeing double meanings hidden in communication. Heals the eyes; reduces tension; and migraine relief.

            Cobaltoan: Creativity; harmony; and dispels negativity in the auric body.  It is a stone of love and aids in making friends. Coordinates the release of many buried emotional states.

            Green: Draws money & prosperity to you; release of stress & resentment; relaxation; emotional balance. Helps in meditation to still the thinking mind.  Attunes heart to nature & enhances the healing ability of the physical body. Aids in ridding the body of infection; helps clear plaque & blockages in the arteries; emotional balance: and stress relief.

            Honey: Confidence; persistence; & intellectual power. Helps to overcome feelings of being overwhelmed & to be positive in your ability to change your life. Balances the endocrine system & hormones.      

            Mangano Pink: Crystal of the heart and is associated with angels.  Promotes forgiveness; releases fear & grief; wholeness; well-being; empathy; love & good health. Releases trapped fears & grief; soothes nervous conditions; lifts tension & anxiety; and prevents nightmares.

            Orange: Sexuality; playfulness; confidence; creativity; & protection. Supports hormones & sexual organs; digestive & endocrine systems; and metabolism.  

            Red: Helps to feel more energetic & willing to experience life; prevents overextension of one's energies. Regulates hormones & endocrine system; low blood pressure; and helps heal broken bones.        

            White:  Gentle cleansing; healing; revitalizes energy; and opens up energy channels.


Carborundum (man-made abrasive):  silicon carbide (in nature it is extremely rare and is known as Moissanite)  

Calming and gently grounding. It shields and protects, particularly in cases of electromagnetic stress.


Carnelian:  Chalcedony

            Promotes confidence; sexuality; motivation & focus. Calms the temper. An energy booster; circulation; immune system; AIDS/HIV; colon; gallbladder; intestines; kidneys; tension; back injury; rheumatism; allergies & physical energy.


Celestite (Celestine):  Strontium sulfate (sometimes with much Barium)

            Clarity of mind; balances energies; & calms.  Excellent for Angelic communication, dream recall

& astral travel. Helps to heal eyes; thyroid; sleep apnea; and ears/ nose/throat. Increases range of hearing; draws disease from body tissues; and replaces pain with loving light.


Chalcedony: a microcrystalline variety of Quartz

             (Blue, pink, lavender, white, tan, brown, gray, yellow or red)

             Balances mind, body, emotions, & spirit; centeredness; inner knowledge &  communication.       A powerful cleanser of open sores; heals eyes; gallbladder; bones, spleen & blood; and helps  decrease dementia and senility.


Charoite:  potassium, sodium, calcium, barite, strontium, & silicon

            (Russian Charoite tends to have a richer, deeper color. The Chinese Charoite tends be a lighter lavender color, and often contains green orthoclase as well.) Loving spiritual emotion; acceptance; precision & focus. Can protect one from psychic attack. Grounding energy that helps to overcome fears, obsessions & compulsions. Dispels the tendency to have bad dreams by assisting  with deep sleep; lifts energy when the body is exhausted; & regulates blood pressure.


Chiastolite (Andalusite):  Aluminum silicate with interior cross formation

            Cleanses; comforts; protects; awareness; rationality; and clarity. Good for rheumatism; blood disorders; veins; blood circulation; balance of blood pressure (high or low); lactation (breast milk) and rheumatism.


Chinese Writing Stone: Limestone matrix with andalusite crystals

            Access Akashic records; realign goals toward a higher purpose; reaffirm  relationships, commitments & loyalties; accept & adjust to change; and sparks creativity. Promotes peaceful dreaming.


Chrysanthemum stone:  a rare earth phosphate mineral – basalt rock with xenotime &  zircon crystals that form "flowers" (mix of gypsum clay, dolomite, & limestone with internal crystals of calcite, feldspar, celestite or andalusite)

           Grounding; prosperity; and aides in achieving the soul's purpose.  Magnets for  positive synchronicity or "luck". Dispels ignorance, bigotry, jealousy and resentment.

            Relieves stress; helps fight depression by improving the way you feel (happy stone); helps ease menstrual problems; and helps the skin and the bones by removing toxins.


Chrysocolla:  Copper silicate

            Stone of peace; communication; increased wisdom; & discretion. Helps throat  infections;  lowers blood pressure; detoxes the liver; fever reduction; and cramps.


Citrine:  Quartz with iron (heat treatment to amethyst produces burnt golden citrine)

            Abundance; manifestation; promotes optimism.  Good for mental focus; endurance; & self-esteem. Attracts abundance & is known as the "merchants stone", to be placed near cash register or desk to acquire and maintain positive wealth. One of the only stones to dissipate negative energy & never requires cleansing or clearing.  Good for nervousness; diabetes; digestive system; gall bladder; circulatory system; anti-nightmare; and balances thyroid.


Clevelandite (Albite): plagioclase feldspar

          Assists in focus when profound changes are present by helping to embrace the change & move safely through. Helps to uncover the gifts and tools to assist in growth of life's journey. Helps to focus on the positive life affirming changes that will come out of difficult times. Releases emotional scars of abandonment, rejection and betrayal. Good for easing puberty and menopause. Helps support those who have had strokes or heart attacks.




Danburite: Calcium boron silicate

          A very spiritual stone that carries a pure vibration and amplifies the properties of other stones.  It may aid in enlightenment by activating the higher etheric transpersonal chakras up to the 14th level. It will open and release energy blockages. It is one of the strongest crystals to alleviate stress and anxiety.  Good for insomnia, allergies, detoxification, gallbladder, liver, tumors, infertility, pregnancy & childbirth.


Dendritic Limestone (Picture stone): iron & manganese oxide dendrites in limestone or siltstone

            Symbolizes growth or change.  



Dragon Stone: Chalcedony (Green Epidote & Red Piemontite)

          Promotes creativity & personal healing, balance, & courage to overcome obstacles. A great manifestation tool. Helps children to connect with mythical creatures & the magical energy of the world around them. It helps them to believe the truth in their  heart, no matter what the world may tell them. Good for the heart, brain, liver, gall bladder, small intestine, thyroid & the immune system.





Emerald:  Beryl

            Sacred stone of the goddess Venus

            Loyalty; sensitivity; stone of "successful love" and domestic bliss. Enhances memory by eliminating negativity to allow one to focus. Heals the eyes and heart.


Eosporite: brown manganese hydrous phosphate

          Universal Support & Blessings stone. Helps caregivers to care for themselves. Aids  those who need to put themselves first and removes tendency to self-sacrifice. Good for stabilizing and/or correcting DNA structure and for the absorption of vitamins and minerals of the body.


Epidote:  basic calcium, aluminum, iron silicate (Often confused with Tourmaline)

            Release of negative energy; increases what one already has (ex. Bad thoughts=worse thoughts or love = more love). Increases perception. Stimulates the immune system, aids digestion, supports all healing, and increases energy  for aid in physical recovery.




Flint:  hard sedimentary cryptocrystalline form of quartz – variety of chert

            Strong energy that will cut away spiritual connections that are no longer helpful - such as old relationships; helps to unbind & free yourself from these restrictions.


Fluorite: Calcium Fluoride (with some yttrium & cerium)

            Mental enhancement; clarity; decision making; clearing energy fields; absorbs & neutralizes negativity.  Balances & cleanses intellectual & physical bodies. (Do not leave in sun for long periods-will hot water either.)

            Green: Helps concentration; arthritis; sore throats; eases symptoms of bacterial & viral infections (for colds,  flu, staph & strep).

            Purple: Balances your energies & mental clarity. Good for bone marrow & ulcers.

          Clear: Energizes the aura & balance the mind & body.

          Yellow: Balances overall health.

          Blue: Enhances thinking and creativity.


Fossils:  the remains or negative imprints of ancient creatures & plants

            Represent time, eternity and evolution.  Shamans use them to amplify energy and  for past        life regression


Fuchsite: emerald green variety of Muscovite (mica): chromium gives it color

            Rejuvenation & renewal; sparks the joy of our inner child & reminds us that age is a matter of heart & mind. Helps mental/emotional balance; tranquility; & deepened compassion, understanding & acceptance.  Aids tissue & cellular regeneration; enhances immune system; alleviates symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome; spinal alignments & muscle flexibility.


Fulgurite:  natural glass tube formed in sand by a lightening strike

            Intensifies concentration by eliminating distractions; facilitates clairaudient experiences; can enable one to predict future events; and can enhance divining rod abilities. Enhances communication on the physical plane and strengthens the connection with other worlds and beings in those worlds. May be used to grid an area to enhance the energy for welcoming UFO landings.



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