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Metaphysical Meanings of Stones


The information about the properties of the stones is for educational purposes only. This information does not imply a guarantee of effect and is not intended to replace the diagnosis of a certified physician.  Please use this information responsibly and spiritually.






           Quartz crystal – Universal stone:  Silicon Oxide   A pure & powerful energy stone.        

            Angel Aura Quartz (bonded with Platinum & Silver – irridescent shimmer):                             Protects, balances & energizes the aura.  Assists one to find the proper course of action in life. Angelic communication & communication with Higher Self & inner wisdom.  Peace & tranquility due to angelic protection.  Good for general health & vitality.

            Aqua Aura Quartz (bonded with Gold – light blue metallic sheen): Highly                                  intense vibrations due to the Gold bond - Aids in heartfelt & truthful communication; profound peaceful meditation; psychic gifts; calms emotions; and helps express emotions in a constructive and positive manner. Aids in treatments for genetic disorders; autism; Asperger syndrome; cerebral palsy; balancing polarites; thymus; & immune system.

            Blue Quartz:  Peace & tranquility; enhances your inner vision; clairvoyance; and                              other psychic abilities, while clearing communication and all aspects of your mind. It also facilitates lucid dreaming and astral projection. This stone is a valuable ally when accessing higher guidance and it aids you in connecting with hidden knowledge. Siberian Blue Quartz (lab grown with cobalt) is an aura and sinus cleanser, and can help to counteract heat related illness and anxiety.

            Cherry Quartz:  man-made Grounding & stability; good for circulatory system.

            Clear Quartz:  It receives, activates, stores, transmits & amplifies energy. Good                              for chronic fatigue; arthritis; bone injuries; depression; diabetes; fibromyalgia; intestinal troubles; heart burn; aches & pains; immune system; AIDS/HIV; fever; burns; scar tissue; and animal illnesses.  (Double terminated = balance of physical body)

            Enhydro Quartz: The Enhydro will assist one in recognizing and/or                                      understanding the true feelings of another, supporting the empathetic nature.  It contains a life sustaining energy, assisting in healing in many ways.

            Golden Quartz: cleans auric field & releases old patterns and conditions. Golden               Healer crystals are master healers, accessing the highest vibration of light your human body can receive and sustain, raising your body’s frequency to dissolve and release blocks or foreign energies, replenish on a cellular level, and restore your body’s natural balance and harmony.        

            Green Quartz: (Prasiolite) Opens and stabilizes heart chakra; promotes intuition;               transmutes negative energy into positive; inspires creativity; attracts success, prosperity and abundance. any physical, emotional or mental disturbance can be helped by using green, because of its balancing, harmonizing effect.  Interacts with the endocrine glands to keep the body balanced.

            Penetrator Quartz:  Assists in getting to the root of the problem & allows you to  move into difficult situations with grace and ease.

            Purple Candle Quartz: Lithium Quartz

                        The vibrations of this stone is one of emotional    inner peace, profound                    healing, release from tension & the awakening of the Higher Self.  For Aura healing, it stimulates all chakras. (Healers work with these stones to bring a client into an easy state of relaxation. Reinforces positive flow while releasing negative attachments.  Attach to underside of treatment        table to keep both energies pure & free from negativity.  Helps reduce frequency & intensity of panic or anxiety attacks.  An important stone to support those who use antidepressants.


            Rainbow Quartz (bonded with Titanium & Niobium):

                        Activates and balances all chakras. Can be programmed for assistance                   with clairvoyance and clairsentient. Good for hormonal issues and throat, ear, and eye disorders.

            Rose Quartz – the Love stone: 

                        Love; gentleness; calming; compassion; forgiveness; emotional healing; &                 release of stress.  Helps clear stored anger, resentment, jealousy & fears.  Helps to ease sexual/emotional imbalances. Good for bruises (along with Hematite); angina; asthma; emphysema; eyesight; migraines; sciatica; fatigue; kidneys; and relieves blistering of burns.

            Rutilated Quartz:  Quartz with Rutile (titanium dioxide) "hair" crystals

                        Known to intensify the power of the quartz crystal.  Excellent for astral travel.  Good     for ADD/ADHD; dementia; fatigue; & bronchitis.

            Smokey Quartz:  (natural radiation gives it color)

                        Dissipates negative energy; balances mind & body; is protective & grounding.  Good for feet; cleanses body; aids chemotherapy; and is mildly sedative & relaxing.

            Spirit Quartz (Cactus Quartz):    Purification; protection; and freedom from fear.                Opens one to self-forgiveness.  Gives one a "bubbling over" feeling of abundance and that everything is alright.  The stone of children or your inner child. Helps heal skin disorders; allergic reactions; colon problems; detoxification; obsessive disorders; and familial abuse related stress disorders.

             Tangerine Quartz:  Silicon Dioxide with Hematite

                        Sexuality; creativity; passion; curiosity;& playfulness. Helps reproductive system disorders; weight loss; and AIDS.  

            Tourmalined Quartz:  Acts like a psychic vacuum cleaner to return one's energy                 field to a pristine, unpolluted state – purification. Reduces anxiety, stress, and depression.

            White Phantom Quartz (clear quartz with phantom outlined in white):  

                        Access to Akashic records & connection with spirit guides.  Assists in healing                  physical problems brought on by past lives by releasing those influences.

            Window Quartz (Seer's Stone):  spiritual advancement





Rhodochrosite (swirls):  Manganese Carbonate

            Love and energy balancing. Good for bladder; kidneys; reproductive organs; circulatory system; respiratory problems; & blood pressure.


Rhodonite (dark pink with black manganese lines):  Manganese Silicate with Calcium 

            Love; self-esteem; dispels stress; balances emotions; and calms during traumatic    times.


Ruby:  Corundum 

            Life force; courage; compassion; love & friendship; contentment & peace; sexuality;  & vitality. Good for headache; fever; intestines; menopause; bloodstream/circulatory system.

to grow and to prosper. Zoisite is a powerful gemstone that can transform negative

energy into positive and when combined with Ruby's abilities, magnifies the stones

ability to help amplify the entire energy field and release the talents and abilities of

your mind. Can help heal problems associated with the reproductive organs and

increase fertility, both in men and women. It is most helpful after a miscarriage or


Ruby in Zoisite (Anyolite): calcium aluminum silicate

          the properties of Ruby and Zoisite.  A gem stone of peace and happiness,

increases our love of life, brings us inspiration and motivation to dream, to achieve, to grow and to

            Amplification; acceleration; acts like radio antennas of psychic sensitivity to tune in   to people before becoming involved with them. Heals and balances your aura by repelling negative energy.


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