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Welcome to Hadley's Earth Crystals

    Old Age Crystals for the New Age Person

We believe that the energy from the earth can be delivered through crystals.  Whether for healing, spirituality, or for the rock hound collector, our crystals will hold a special place in your heart.  

We are not the owners of the crystals, but the guardians.  As messengers, we try to have the crystals available for the right person.  When that right person comes along the crystal will find its home. 


For all of our new friends that we have met at one of our venues, here is the place to shop...or even where we are scheduled to be next time you would like to see us in person.



Please, before placing an order for a one-of-a-kind specimen, email me to make sure we have what you want.  This is due to the fact that we are usually at shows every weekend.   Like any store, it is first come first serve.  Some items we can restock easily.  But one of a kind is just that. 



If you have any questions regarding your order or anything about the site please feel free to contact us


Thank you for sharing the journey,

James and Janice Hadley




Show Schedule

Take a look at our online gallery. During your virtual tour of Hadley's Earth Crystals, view some of our unique products and see what we have available in our store. Better yet, come visit us in person.

We are dedicated to carrying high quality, unique items. Our product selection is quite extensive and you are sure to find something to meet your discerning tastes! If you don't see it, feel free to contact us and ask.  We have many suppliers that we should be able to find what you maybe looking for. 

We have no store location yet. We prefer to travel to different shows and venues. Click on our Show Schedule tab to see where we will be.

Hadley's Earth Crystals
142 Misty Morning Dr

Dingmans Ferry, PA 18328

Phone: 570 828-8164


If you call and leave a message we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Latest News:

This year will bring many new Crystals and specimens to our tables.  Hope all enjoy. 

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